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Third Party Platforms:

These mobile application stores are courtesy of a number of third parties, including handset manufacturers, mobile carriers and other organisations.

iWikiPhone App Store

Guide to the LG World App Store

LG World
is an application store where you can download applications for your LG mobile phone. You can access its PC website and mobile website to use the this service.

You can also use the LG World App (WM) program installed on your mobile phone, which is developed specifically to connect to the LG World.

LG Info
Screen shot of the LG World store site.

All applications are free of charge. However, if you download them via SMS on your mobile phone through the 3G network (not through Wi-Fi), additional charges will be applied by your carrier.

Applications you can download vary depending on your membership level. The higher your level is, the more applications you are eligible to download.

To raise your level, you need to earn more activity points by participating in various activities. Your level is updated by applying the activity points you have earned for the past 30 days since the last update.

Single > Double > Triple

Raise your level by earning more activity points. You can download and enjoy a wide selection of exciting apps.

Visit the LG World Store Website

LG World Store: Key Data
Established: Unknown
Apps in Store: 1,400
Downloads: Undisclosed
Installations: Undisclosed
Platform: Multiple
Dev. Revenue: Undisclosed

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More Application Store Profiles Coming Daily

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